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It is the method of training the whole body.

Ø Method of training in which focus is on integration of multiple muscle groups while exercising the entire body.

Ø It does not isolate individual muscle groups.

Ø It encourages complex multiple joint movements.

Criteria to differentiate functional training from other training methods

Ø Specific reflex responses can be targeted with exercise to improve comparable reflex profile.

Ø Maintenance of our center of gravity.

Ø Functional exercises act  similar to daily work e.g. squat is similar to standing up from a chair.

Ø Functional training is exercising to improve real life postures and movements.

Benefits of functional training

Ø It improves body awareness.

Ø It improves ability to work in daily life.

Ø It burns more calories than traditional exercises.

Ø It helps to prevent injuries and strengthens entire body.

Ø It improves body balance.

Ø It stimulates central nervous system functioning.

Ø It improves our body posture.

Functional training exercises

1. Frog jump
2. Duck walk
3. Spider walk
4. Burpee
5. Inch worm movement
6. Mountain walk
7. Surya Namaskar (yoga)

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