Saturday, 19 July 2014



Ø Beginners should  always start their training  with machines, because machines provide correct range of motion to the muscle and hence protect  from any kind of injury.

Ø Spot reduction is  impossible. it means  neither gaining nor reduction can be done  on a particular area of  our body.

Ø E-Z curl bar provides  ergonomically  better  position than straight bar, during biceps curls.

Ø For inclined bench press, the bench should be positioned at 30 degrees from the horizontal.

Ø For declined bench press, the bench should be at 15 degrees declined position from the horizontal.

Ø Exhale, during the positive phase of repetition and inhale during the negative phase of repetition.

Ø Most flexible as well as unstable joint of our body is shoulder rotator cuff joint (gleno-humeral joint).

Ø R.I.C.E  treatment processes should be done only for first 48 to 72 hours of injury.

Ø Antioxidants are  the  best solution to look young.

Ø There are two most injury prone joints in human body
1.   Spine
2.   Shoulder rotator cuff

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