Sunday, 20 July 2014

GLYCEMIC INDEX - Know more about your food


Friends, you often heard about G.I from your  workout trainer, so you must be aware of this fact that G.I basically decide how fast the particular carbohydrate is going to elevate  your blood sugar  level and up to what extent.
Even if you don’t know about this term, don’t worry I am here to clarify you.
Glycemic Index is defined as the rate at which blood glucose levels are elevated after consuming  a particular carbohydrate.
On the basis of G.I, Our food is divided into following three major categories.
(The categories are made to rate the food items on the scale of 0 to 100)

1. High G.I Food

The food items having G.I between 100 to 70 are known as High G.I Food. The high G.I  food items are the best way to provide instant energy.
Sources: Glucose, White rice, Semolina, White Bread Corn flakes, Sweet Potato etc.

2. Medium G.I Food

The food items having  G.I  between 70 to 50  are known as Medium G.I Food.
The Medium G.I  food Items take ½  an hour to 1 hour to digest  and produce energy.
Sources: Wheat, Brown Bread, Potato, Banana etc.

3. Low G.I  Food

The Food items having G.I < 50 are known as Low G.I Food
The Low G.I  food items take 1 ½ hour to 2 hours  to digest and produce energy.
Sources:  Milk, Fruits, vegetables.


Ø Hypoglycemic Patients should always carry a source of High G.I with them

Ø Medium and Low G.I food items also work as a good pre- workout stuff but should be taken 40 to 60 minutes before starting workout, so that when you need energy you are loaded with plenty of carbs.

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