Sunday, 1 July 2012





1.   Sit down on an inclined bench with dumbbells on each hand, resting on your thighs and palms are facing each other.

2.   Raise the dumbells up, just on the chest and lie back on the inclined bench.

3.   In this starting position, your arms  are locked at a slight bend on your elbows in order to prevent stress at the biceps tendon.

4.   In this position, both the dumbells are above your chest and just about to touch each other.

5.   Now, slowly lower down your arms in a wide circular arc fashion until your palms are facing the ceiling, from both the sides while inhaling.

6.     Feel the stretching in your shoulder and chest muscles and Pause for a second in this position.

7.   Slowly, return back to the starting position, following the same arc, while exhaling.

8.   Repeat as many times as recommended.


Ø If dumbells are very heavy, then must ensure a spotter person behind you (to avoid any accident).

Ø To make this work out more effective for different muscles of chest, adjust different inclination angles of the inclined bench.

Ø  Changing the inclination angles, help you to target different chest muscles, a little differently with every single degree change.

Ø The exercise must be done by the movement of shoulders only.

Ø Try to follow the same arc pattern during all the reps.

Ø This exercise can also be performed with cable attachments.

Ø  For the sake of variation, you can do this exercise with palms facing forward.

Ø Make a full control on the dumbells during the whole exercise.

Ø Pace, while doing the exercise must be slow or medium.

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