Friday, 20 July 2012




            OTHER MUSCLES : NIL

1.   Lie down flat on the ground in such a manner that your back and hips are acting as a base and touching the ground.

2.   Now, bend your knees at 60 to 90 degree angle.

3.   In this starting position, place your arms overhead and aligned with your head, as shown above.

4.   In this starting position, contract your belly by pulling your belly button towards your spine, while pulling up your shoulder blades about 3-4 inches above the ground, as you exhale (make sure that your hands are aligned with your head during the whole exercise).

5.   Pause for a second in this position and Feel the stretching in your abdominal muscles.

6.   Slowly, lower down your torso back to the starting position, as you inhale.

7.   Repeat as many times as recommended. 



Ø During the exercise, keep your neck straight in a proper alignment.

Ø Place your feet on a bench, if you have any back problem.

Ø Make a full control on your body during the exercise.

Ø During the exercise, keep your back flat against the floor.

Ø For the sake of variation, you can do this exercise by holding a weight plate in hands or simply on a decline bench.

Ø Pace, while doing the exercise must be slow or medium.

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