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Amazing tips to lose belly fat

Endomorphs - Diet Plan

Friends, as I mentioned you are the most fast fat and weight gainer. So in order to reduce the fat and to lean your body and to make your hidden six packs visible to all there out, here are few best working tips

Ø  Restrict your intake to 2400 calories per day and for gym beginners not to exceed 2600 calories a day.

Ø  If you plan for more calories to gain muscles faster, try to take it most from the protein sources.

Ø  The calories intake from protein sources must be at least  50 % a day. This will help to gain muscles and to burn excess fat.

Ø  The calories intake from carbohydrates source must not exceed 30% because excess of carbs when not utilized for energy production, simply converts into fat which will first target your belly.

Ø  Fat content must be around 20 %. Here is very important information; the bigger share should be from unsaturated fat (e.g.  walnuts, almonds, cashews, soybean oil, corns)

Ø  Reduce saturated fat(butter, coconut oil, cheese ,vegetable oil, fish oil, chocolates )content from your diet

Ø  Your meals must contain fiber rich substances like salad, fruits, and green leafy vegetables.

Ø  Feed your guns after every 3 hours with small quantity but nutritious meals

Ø  Avoid bad glycemic index food sources like potatoes, rice, white bread etc.

Ø   Good Antioxidants (e.g. black berry, strawberry, cherry, and bean) intake will protect you from different heart problems.

Ø  Hydration is very important for you, so keep on hydrating yourself during the whole day. This will improve the flow of nutrition and help in easy flush out of waste products.

Ø  Never skip the meals. It is more dangerous for you. That will result to more fat accumulation.

Note :  Saturated fat (when more than 10 % in our daily diet) is the main cause of heart problems.

Diet plan for Endomorphs

7am - black grams sprouts or oatmeal’s

9pm - In breakfast ,brown bread,milk,3 egg whites or omelets, ,corn flakes, protein rich    shake(isolate and whey proteins sources are best for you

11 am - Fruit salad, vegetable salad, boiled pulses, dry fruits

2 pm - In lunch, chapatis, green vegetables, pulses with curd and bowl full of salad

5 pm - A slice of brown bread with 3 egg whites or protein bars

(For resistance training guys)

 Pre-workout:- Protein isolates shake before gym is the best source to feed your muscles and make them ready for the task.

Gym training INSTRUCTIONS: - do at least 20-30 minutes cardio vascular exercise before starting resistance training

7pm –Just after your workout hydrate yourself with  little amount of glucose and  isolate protein rich source, that will help you for the growth of your muscles, removing body fat and lead to faster recovery.

8 pm –Take your dinner with fiber rich substances, 3 egg whites, pulses and 2 chapatis
 Avoid rice, potatoes and  bad glycemic index eatables

Tips for Endomorphs training in gym

Ø  Half an hour cardio exercises (e.g. skipping, running, treadmill) before weight training exercises.

Ø  Spend at least 45 minutes for  weight training exercises.

Ø  Fat dissolving process starts approximately after 25 minutes of cardio. So try to focus more on that.

Ø  Use moderate weights for training. Never go for light weights fat reduction process it is just a big myth.

Ø  Exercises must be done  with full path rotation

Ø  Do 5 to 6 different types of exercises

Ø  For each exercise do 3 to 4 sets.

Ø  For each set do 12 -12 – 10-10 repetitions 

Ø  Take about 60 seconds rest after each set.

Note : Morning gym timings are more beneficial for endomorphs. Plan your schedule   accordingly.



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