Monday, 4 June 2012

Importance of being Hydrated


Human body is composed of almost 60 % water. From this fact we can get a clear idea that how much the water is required or how much the hydration of cells is required to be fit. But as you are in the stage of increasing your muscles tissues size there is a mandatory requirement of high amount of water. Friends as we know that muscles are made up of tiny cells and the increase in the size of these cells lead to increase in the size of our muscles. Water plays a vital role during the digestion of food and get consumed in the cytoplasma of cell, help in the excrete removal process, and the removal of toxic products from cells which all lead to growth.


Fit ness lovers here is the formula by which you can calculate the amount of water required to taken by an adult during a day.
First measure your weight in Kilograms and then divide thee sum by 25, for pounds  divide it by 55 ,by which you can easily calculate the quantity of water in liters required.

Benefits of being hydrated

Ø  Hydrated cells grow faster
Ø  Body toxics get removed
Ø  Blood gets purified
Ø  Blood pressure remains normal
Ø  Body temperature gets maintained
Ø  Removal of calcium oxalate and other  toxics which may leads to kidney problems
Ø  All of the above lead to the increase in muscles size, fitness and faster rate of recovery.


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