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Mind blowing tips to gain weight

Ectomorphs - Diet Plan

As we know that ectomorphs are the weakest among all body types so their diet must be different from others.

   Ø  The normal adult should take about 2400 calories in a day. But in ectomorphs, metabolism and catabolism rate is fast so their calories intake must be greater than 2800 calories if your physical workout over a day is normal or less than normal.

   Ø  But the ectomorphs who wish to do bodybuilding or just for gym beginners the intake must be around   3000 calories a day.

   Ø  Ectomorphs diet must be consist of 50 % carbohydrates, 25% protein and 25% fat. Because if the calories from carbs are less than the amount mentioned above then their muscles are used up by their body for energy and growth process remains as it is or further slowdown.

Diet plan for ectomorphs

7am  –  In early morning Oat with bananas, and black grams sprouts

9 am  – In breakfast you can take corn flakes, chapatis-vegetables, bread milk, and 2-4                 
              boiled eggs

10 am – Protein + carbs shake

12 noon – Light snacks, fruits, sweet potatoes

2 pm – In lunch curd, rice, vegetables and pulses, 2 eggs, are good options.

5pm – Boiled potato and brown/white bread slices, milk

(For resistance training guys)

6pm – Take a mix blend of carbohydrates (mass gainer) with adequate amount of                                 protein.
Gym training INSTRUCTIONS: - Try to avoid over training

8 pm –Just after your workout hydrate yourself with glucose and protein rich source, that will help you for the growth of your muscles, and faster recovery.

9 pm –Take your dinner with fiber rich substances, slow digestive carbohydrate source like some rice chapatti, vegetables

Before sleeping – Milk is the best option which is enriched in protein and other required elements for growth.

Tips for Ectomorphs training in gym

Ø  Ectomorphs must avoid over training

Ø  Workout on a single part of body daily for e.g. biceps is a single part composed of about 3 muscles

Ø  Do about 3 to 4 different types of exercises

Ø  For each exercise do 3 sets only

Ø  For each set do 12 -12 - 10 repetitions

Ø  Complete your workout within 45 minutes, excluding warm up

Ø  Keep on hydrating yourself during exercises with glucose solution.

Ø    A different type of exercises with 3 sets of 10-12 reps is enough to provide the results, but don’t overload as well over train your body parts.

Ø  Take about 90 seconds rest between the sets as your muscle need more time to get ready for next task.

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