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This is the condition in which water percentage from the body cells reduces adversely .This has been scientifically proved that our body give a first signal of dehydration after half an hour or more when it actually dehydrated. And with the reduction in water percentage our body parts for example biceps shrinks almost 1% from its original size and size shrinkage keeps on increasing with time.

 Notes of concern

ü  Friends if you are among the users of steroids and still do not care to hydrate your muscles properly then the negative effects of steroids increase exponentially.

ü  Dehydration leads to sudden weight reduction.

ü  Bodybuilders often complaining of body acne or body bumps which is major cause due to the high intake of protein ,carbs and less intake of water and other fibers.

ü  Dehydration somewhat responsible for aging symptoms like skin wrinkles.

ü  Dehydrated or without proper hydration if you go for gym workout, you will fell muscles fatigue and tiredness within 15 minutes.

ü  Dehydration leads to degradation of mucosal layer which is also known as the stomach lining (basic function is to protect the stomach to get digest itself).when water intake is very less than the hydrochloric acid (which is present in the gut to help in digestion of food) becomes so much concentrated that it leads to destroy the mucosal layer of stomach.

ü  Heartburn and Constipation are the main problems created by the dehydration

ü  Joint-pain known as arthritis which is often found in old age is majorly caused by the dehydration which leads to dried up the fluid present for the healthy working of joints.

ü  Disturb the Cholesterol  level

Most of us are living with a myth that the cholesterol is bad thing for healthy living. Friends actually the fact is that cholesterol level should within the limits. Dehydration causes the decrease of water percentage inside the cell which is being equalized by cholesterol to the cell protection membrane. To cope up with this situation body tends to high increase in the synthesis of cholesterol and hence leads to problems related to heart.

Dehydration also affects the working of the insulin production from pancreas which leads to uncontrolled blood sugar level and hence become the cause of Diabetes.

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