Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Know your Bodytype

Which body type do you actually belong?

Friends, generally there are three basic body types and two more body types which are just the combination of any two of them

1.      Ectomorphs
2.      Mesomorphs
3.      Endomorphs

Combination of above body types

1. The combination of mesomorphs and endomorphs

2. The combination of ectomorphs and mesomorphs

Friends, in this body type, generally people are hard gainer. Guys who are underweight even when their nutrition intake is normal. Their body have the types of  enzymes those can  breakdown bigger molecules into smaller at very fast rate and hence does not provide required time for the accumulation of carbohydrates and hence the formation and storage of fat can’t take place. Even the problem with body type is that they have to feed regularly after a stipulated time period  so that their body can prevent the harms of fast catabolism.
Generally ,people should avoid taking heavy meal after evening, but ectomorphs should have to feed their guns even at night so that they can fight against weight loss.

Traits of ectomorphs

Ø  Edgy structured body as well as face cuts

Ø  Hard gainer

Ø  Lean and skinny body

Ø  Small narrow shoulder width

Ø  Flat chest

Ø  Difficult to gain even a single pound

Ø  Both metabolism and catabolism rate is very fast


This is the best body type among the all.  People with this body type have an athletic kind of body even without any exercise. They can gain muscles very easily. Their body is capable of converting the little amount of carbs into muscles and required fat, and protein into muscles. They can easily gain weight even in the presence of normal nutritional diet. Their body has an inbuilt feature to convert fat into useful energy and muscles. They can loss fat easily without too much effort.

Traits of mesomorphs

     Ø  Strong bone structure

     Ø  Fast gainer

     Ø  Athletic and muscular body

     Ø  Broad shoulders

     Ø  Rectangular shaped body

Endomorphs generally are the fast fat gainer. Their body is strong but soft. They does need extra supplementation to increase protein intake because they already have fat accumulation and bulging belly .They have good strength and big mass around their biceps , thighs, chest and neck muscles. Endomorphs must control their diet and nutrition intake. They are suggested to not consume calories after 8 pm. They should increase their fiber intake. They also suggested doing 15 -30 minutes Cardio before starting daily workout in gym.

Traits of Endomorphs

    Ø  slow metabolism

    Ø  soft and round body

    Ø  fast fat gainer

    Ø  very difficult to loss fat

    Ø  bulging bellies


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