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Catabolism is defined as the breakdown of bigger molecules into smaller ones primarily in bodybuilding when our body is utilizing our protein content to fulfill energy needs. so it is a kind of dis- integration of large molecules. Catabolism has both useful as well as harmful effects on body. But as far as bodybuilding is concerned catabolism heads up to much big harms.

Plus points
First talk about its benefits, catabolism basically lead to breakdown of molecules means protein to amino acids, lipids to fatty acids and adipose tissue and carbs into glucose, fructose monomers. As it break down and release energy so it is useful at this extend.

Negative points

Now talk about its harms, due to the excess breakdown of molecules, it lead to muscles breakdown which basically provide space for fat accumulation, loss in strength, muscle fatigue etc.

Causes of catabolism

·   Overtraining

Most of the beginners do the same mistake of overtraining their guns in excess which lead t them in the stage of catabolism and their muscles keep on diminishes instead of any improvement.

·       Lack of good nutrition intake

Friends, other mistake is done by most of us is in the quantity and quality of nutrition taken by us. The person who is training his/her body in a right manner but not taking the good nutrition also lead them in the fog of catabolism.

Vice versa if we take Vitamin C ( in excess amount  lead to kidney stone, head ache, vomiting)
 Excess Salt (sodium), and the eatables like lemon, citric acid in high quantity it will lead to catabolism.

·         Over stress life

Some time we belong to such a profession where our mind is over stressed. And this is being scientifically proved that our growth hormone become inactive due to over stress and lead to catabolism.

·         Lack of rest

Rest plays a major role in proper growth of our body so due to insufficient amount of rest our pituitary gland functions slowed down and couldn’t help our body to fight against the inhibitors which are the cause of muscles catabolism.



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