Sunday, 3 June 2012

The basics that every fitness lover must know-


Fitness lovers, you often listen that most people complain that their body type is of such a kind that whatever they consume they do not observe any change. Even if they take lots of calories during the whole day they still do not gain weight. The problem lies with their weak metabolism process. Metabolism is called as the process or simply the effective rate by which our body digest and utilise the calories for the better growth and development of its cells which lead to gain in mass.

Now the question arises, how we can boost up our metabolism.

Ways to tone up your metabolism

 Friends, there are many ways which can collectively boost up it to the perfect level ,so that you can gain results even after taking a single pie of calorie.

·       Weight training exercises      

           Weight training is the best way to improve your metabolism by the excretion of waste by sweating and losing the undissolved fat content in your body.

·         Cardio vascular exercises       

           The person whose calories intake is not as much as the bodybuilders , they  can simply improve their metabolism by doing exercises like skipping, running ,jumping  etc.

·         Proper hydration      

         Water plays the vital role in the toning of metabolism as it simply purifies are blood, remove wastes from stomach, reduce stress from the working of our kidneys,tone up our liver .

·         Knowledge of nutritional values            

         If you know that what is good for your health and what is not, you can easily avoid the unutilized   calories sources which will boost up your metabolism.

·         Improvement in life style                  

                                                                                                                        Our habits also made good contribution towards metabolism like avoiding excess of soft drinks, hard drinks, night outs, sleeping habits at 10 pm and wake up early in the morning and a brisk walk after dinner and in early morning also boost up our core to the best.



  1. Sir, this is a very informative and interesting article. I am gym beginner and find it very useful. Please keep on updating more information.

  2. THANKS,friends i am here to remove all the hurdles which you find in the way to fitness. I promise to provide solution of your problems at the best of my knowledge thanks again , your queries are always most welcome......