Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Drinking Habits

When to consume water

A.    Morning(after just getting out of bed)

Take about 900 ml to 1 liter of water after just getting out of bed in morning. Data collected from different studies has led to a result taken by doing so our metabolism boost up to the peak level and at the mean time we can equalize the water losses a while sleeping.

B.    Before meals

Friends for proper digestion of meals try to avoid excess water consumption within 30 minutes before meal .Yes, you can take small sips.
The reason behind this fact is, if you take excess of water you cannot eat as much as your muscle cells actually need it, as they are already bulging out with water. Secondly, the excess water before meals also made the various digestion chemicals and acids very dilute in nature.

C.    After meals

Same as the above fact don’t take much quantity of water just immediately after meal .firstly the chemical enzyme present in our mouth which is responsible for our carbs digestion becomes inactive.
Secondly, the acids called hydrochloric acid and the enzyme present in our gut are getting diluted due to the water and their functioning become slow and inefficient. 

D.   Pre workout

We usually take pre workout proteins + carbs blender before half an hour from workout. So friends ,these shakes should be taken with defined amount of water, avoid taking it with the floods of water.as these shakes get their effectiveness with the percentage concentration and the time for which it remains in your stomach so that they can produce a huge amount of energy in the meantime.
Creatine and other pre workout drinks should be taken with the definite amount of water.

E.     During workout

Often ,the trainers say that don’t take water during workouts but friends you should be quite hydrated during your workouts .so here is the solution for this problem take a drink which includes glucose (fast recovery agent) ,protein and some type of electrolyte(salt, sugar blender) solution which is the best known source of hydration.

F.     Post workout

Friends when you come out of gym .you felt very thirsty at this time so  don’t make a mistake by taking water only, just prepare your shake which must include protein (for muscles recovery and growth), carbs(source for recover the energy and to end up muscles fatigue) . The reason is that after workout if you take only protein then its most of the content will used up for energy gaining process and the muscles remains as it is.

G.   Before sleeping
      Drink a glass of water before you go to sleep. It is just a kind of preparation to fight against the water loss (due to perspiration and digestion and growth related activities) while you are sleeping. As metabolism being slow at night, so it require water to transport the nutrition to   the blood stream while sleeping.


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