Monday, 4 June 2012



     As the name suggest anabolism is just opposite to catabolism and as we know that catabolism is harmful for body so anabolism is very useful to the body. Growth and development of the cells, hence muscles , all depends upon anabolism. So basically it is the process by which body small molecules integrate and lead to development of muscles and provide us energy.
Healthy Digestion act as the natural way of anabolism but it can also be enhanced via unnatural ways like steroids or supplementation which is simply known as anabolic steroids.

Ways to improve anabolism

·                                        By increasing the fiber (fruits, green leafy vegetables and salad is the best sources of fiber, cellulose   quantity in our diet we can improve our anabolism as it improves our digestion process.

·                                     Proper scheduling and diet plan

·                                    The best way to improve anabolism is to make the habit of eating nutritious quantity after every 2 hours during the whole day. And engulfing the right amount of water .

·                            Avoid excess of tea and coffee

               Yes, this is true that tea contains nicotine and coffee contains cocoa and caffeine which enhance our activeness and boost up our energy releasing rate .  But at the same time these liquids when taken in excess also lead to addiction and high blood pressure and many other problems so avoid them.


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  1. Sir, i am a gym beginner.I have doubt that " many repetations with less weights will increase muscle?"