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Our body is the best machine which can provide the warning signal at the very first knock of  the big problem. But most of the time we ignore its signals which results into big injuries.

There is a proverb you most familiar with

But friends you have to develop a great sense of understanding between the pain which is useful for muscle growth and the pain which can bring a long period bed rest or may ruin your whole fitness/bodybuilding career.

The pain which is sharp and of stabbing nature (increases exponentially with exercise) must not be ignored at the first step.


Ø Periphery of deltoids

Mostly generated while doing inclined dumbbells press, side lateral raises, military press etc.

Ø Lower back

Mostly generated due to heavy dead lift and squat without gym belt.


Ø Use GYM BELT while doing heavy weight exercises.

Ø Perform DEAD LIFT with standard posture.

Ø Avoid any further increment in pain by suitable Postures.

Ø Avoid doing exercises for that body part which is under recovery.

Ø If you are suffering from lower back pain, then while lifting any weights from ground, bend your knees as close to ground as possible for you, so that the strain will get distributed.


The condition when you have not enough energy to go for workout training. This often lead to faintness.


Ø When you have insufficient amount of calories with you

Ø When your body is not hydrated properly

Ø When you are tired, and need rest to recover back.

NOTE: This condition is most often found in persons who use to go for gym   training at morning if you use to attend morning workout session

Ø Take a healthy hours of rest at night

Ø Avoid night outs.

Ø Feed your body with enough calories before going to GYM.

Ø Do a proper warm up session to avoid injuries.

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