Tuesday, 12 June 2012



Swelling may be due to good as well  as bad reasons. It is good when it happens in our body while our body is in the stage of adaptation mainly in case of beginners. Going in depth, when your muscle fiber ruptures beyond some limits it results into muscle swelling.
Friends, Let me share my personal experience with you. I was doing  bench press with a heavy load of 374 lbs and unfortunately without any one nearby for help. Accidently  due to some sudden load on my left lateral deltoid, its muscle fiber got ruptured with a huge pain and it took 3 months to get recover completely.

Followings are the main reason for muscle swelling

Ø  Adaptation
Often found in gym beginners, because  our body use to take some time to  make itself familiar with gym exercises and loads.

Ø  Form
Doing  exercises with Improper form may lead to muscle swelling

Ø Negligence
Neglecting the warm up session before going for heavy weight exercises.

Ø Greed
Greed to gain and become muscular and bulky within days may lead to doing exercises beyond the capacity and may results into muscle swelling

ØSudden  load increment

  Progressive increase in load even when it is difficult for you to lift them  properly and magnify your mistake by going for it without any friend to  support you in case of frequent exhaust.

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